~Want to make a request?~

I will mainly take requests for translations of lyrics and written interviews/articles of any Visual Kei band or artist. It may depend on the artist how fast a request will be handled (since I just don't know all bands or don't care as much for some). Single blog entries or tweets may be requested, though I advise you to use a dictionary like Rikaikun or simply Google for short texts. I don't mind helping, but you won't always need it! Please note that I am not always available due to university and other occupations, so your request may be handled over a longer period of time or temporarily declined. 

I will not take requests for:
Audiovisual material
Entire blogs and/or Twitter accounts
Copyrighted material (Versailles and PSC bands)

~How do I request?~

You can comment on this post, or contact me through Facebook. Always provide a readable scan of the original Japanese lyrics/text or another source where I can find these. 

I reserve the right to close requests at any given time. 

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