~About Visual Exposure~

This blog wishes to provide you with several translation of works by Visual Kei artists. For now I only have a number of lyrics from one artist, but I plan to do lyrics from other artists and interviews too. Translating has become a hobby of mine since it is a great practice for my Japanese. Though my level is far from perfect, I would like to share my works with you all. You will also find live reports of gigs in both Europe and Japan. Writing down my experiences is another beloved hobby and ever since I started writing for ROKKYUU (69) Magazine, I have had the privilege to see my reports published. Definitely check out everything else ROKKYUU has to offer! 

In the future, this blog will be updated with translations of more artists, more lyrics and maybe personal reports and experiences of working and living in Japan. See it as a referential source for translations (though by no means official) and a portfolio of my works! 

Disclaimer: I'm still an amateur translator so none of my works should be regarded absolute. Feel free to talk to me about them and point out things, because I strive to get better! Plus, especially concerning lyrics a lot of the translation is based on personal interpretation, so other perceptions are always welcome. Check out the works from other translators too to see the difference in styles! 

None of my translations or own reports are affiliated to Rokkyuu Magazine in any way.

~About Me~

I'm Melissa, 21 years old and a BA student of Japanese Studies at the University of Leiden, the Netherlands. I've been studying Japanese for almost 4 years and have been to Tokyo on several occasions. Last time was a stay of three months in which I joined ROKKYUU Magazine to write live reports, reviews and assist at interviews. It was a literal dream-come-true and I am currently striving to return to Japan for a longer stay after my graduation.

I've started translating from Japanese to English about two years back when I began translating the blogs and Tweets from the band A (エース) Anonymous Confederate Ensemble. After that I started translating their lyrics which you will find on this site and the fan site Hearty Ensemble. Though I no longer translate blogs, I am picking up tweet-translations again and I still wish to publish more material from this band in particular. For tweets, news and updates, follow @AceTranslations on Twitter! 

~Sharing from this blog~

Feel free to share my work, but please make sure to visibly and properly credit my blog by linking back to it. I would love my work to be shared but translating takes me a lot of time, so I would appreciate the credit for my efforts. ^_^


I will take requests, but I have rules!

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