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Cure Presents SPARK! Vol. 1 ~Winter Battle~

February 2, 2012 LIQUID ROOM Ebisu

Now, the contest of the bands in focus! In the dead of winter, sparks will fly! 

Report: Rika Suzuki and Wakana Takahashi
Translation: Melissa

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While 7 magnificent bands, all brimming with personality, compete in this spectacular event, [A] are the ones kicking it off. With a sanctimonious SE the curtains part, revealing the silhouettes of the band while Vocalist Nimo's voice, accompanied by dazzling light and a gorgeous melody, calls out "Raise your hands higher... higher... Raise them!! Let me hear your voice!!". They have a rare style within Visual Kei, with a violinist at the center of the stage. Encouragingly, [Night of the Knights] begins to draw everyone in. While watching them give rise to a new symphonic worldview that spreads out beyond, the atmosphere is good. During second song [MASQUERADE] the spectators are moving rapidly, enjoying the Carmen-style piece and swinging their towels around to "become more united", just as expected from their technique of naturally following the rhythm. Then the mellower and unwinding [Viva La Casta!] and the violent nail-driving hard number [KANARIA] conclude the set of 4 songs. Thanks to their splendid, dramatic songs and performance, I got to enjoy it from the heart. 

Set List

1. Night of the Knights
3. Viva La Casta!

Royz [Upon request]


While the curtains are still closed, suddenly a vocal solo rings out from the stage, forming a certain "familiar song". Surely, it is DaizyStripper's [DANDELION]'s phrases that set the hall abuzz, but as the curtains open, there stand [FEST VAINQUEUR]! They appear with a 'Nailed it!' kind of smile and the completely surprised audience responds with loud cheers of joy. With a high-tone voice that wouldn't lose from the real Yugiri, vocalist HAL sings out brilliantly. Then, there comes a second surprise as the "real thing" Yugiri enters the stage, and the hall explodes into screams. With such a clever appearance, they captured the hearts of the whole floor, and now it was time to display their own specialty. Eji's intersecting riff changes the atmosphere for [UNLIMITED]. Their stylish ROCK tune draws everyone in. Guitarist TOMO's right hand made his strings growl out the new song [Ai no Kusari], then came their current number that already can't miss from any live, [Kouka Noroshi], and so in a short period of time they generously displayed their talent with their setlist, excellently sweeping away the audience. Though stylish, with their "full force" performance they certainly fired up the eyes and ears of everyone present, right?

Set List

3. Ai no Kusari
4. Kouka Noroshi

Black Gene for the Next Scene

According to [Black Gene For the Next Scene], who have only just started activities this year, it didn't matter that today's live was only a short moment of time. First, their 1st Maxi Single's title tune [DOOM] tested everyone's arm strength. With their unique style, a fusion of loud ROCK and Trance sound, this box called LIQUID ROOM was dyed into a BFN-style RAVE room. However, as the band sensed there were many new spectators among the rows today, a "rehearsal" was done under Vo.Ice's instructions. The audience moved as instructed by Ice, who had taken G. Toki's hands to show how to practice the moves. This trick being very effective, it resulted in the later announced song [Fear Dance] having the feeling that everything became one. With one coming to another, the hall exploded at once with last song [Change To Chance], completely caught up in their pace! "We want to tear up the dissatisfaction of this world with music", that is their mindset, and they certainly lit up the entire location with their songs of positive expression.  

Set list

2. Fear Dance
3. Change To Chance

Kiryuu [Upon Request]

DaizyStripper [Requested by Connie]

As the event reached its second half, it was [DaizyStripper]'s turn. First the good mood was set swiftly with the stylishly colored [Setsubou no Freesia]. As a tremolo cut through the air that truly pushed up the heat, the song brought about a sensation similar to a full speed dash and truly, a whirl of energy like a hurricane could be felt inside the hall. The band created a powerful sound while answering the zeal of the wildly excited audience, and this matching state of fierceness was one of tonight's best parts. Next Yugiri's high shouts shook the eardrums during [AWAKE ME!], all members showed their middle fingers with [Become A Beast] and with the endless pitch of the Up Tune, the whole of LIQUID ROOM was shaking on its roots. Even us watching from the back did not once take our eyes off these aggresive men, as if we could not take them off. Then, we reached the last song [decade]. The audience repeatedly waved their hands and moshed left to right, and the violence from up till now began to change to a slightly differing happy atmosphere. In limited time, this band packed plenty of their charm and delicious taste of their live into four songs. Whichever the situation, they enchanted us with their flawless set, just like we could expect from them. 

Set list

1. Setsubou no Freesia
2. iro no yume
4. Become A Beast
5. decade

defspiral [Requested by censoredcomplex]

A musical sensation that comes rolling in, and a solid worldview of repeatedly piled up sounds. With not only technique, but also its charm and performance, [defspiral]'s set with its stimulation of the five senses was definitely the live that gave us the most bodily sensations. Under dazzling lights Vo. TAKA spread out both arms and started off with [SALVAGE]. The sensational penetrating low tones hit and reverbrated all the way through everyone's stomach.Then during the danceable ROCK tune [PARADISE], the audience entrusted with the nimble backing rhythm carelessly shook their bodies, getting drunk on this music. In the middle of their set, for "a collaboration rare to this event...", A's Rookie Fiddler was called in, who had also participated with the violin and arranging of album [PROGRESS]. On this day he especially announced the song [NIGHTMARE] with its slick organization. The tones of classical violin were added on top of their hybrid sound. With its dramatic deploy like a movie-soundtrack, the somewhat drifting Gothic atmosphere made everyone's blood rush. The calls and responses from in front of the stage raised the heat and passion and like that they came to last song [DIVE INTO THE MIRROR]. The craze suited for the climax of the event engulfed LIQUID ROOM completely. 

Set List


Encore Session

After the great success of the battle with all invited bands, there was a big session with today's participating vocalists at its core. The other musicians were defspiral's guitarist MASATO, Ba. RYO and Dr. MASAKI. Vo. Taka became the center as he called upon all vocalists, who all rounded up with loud cheers. The song was hide's (X JAPAN/hide with Spread Beaver) [PINK SPIDER]. Just the other day defspiral had released their cover of hide [Reply -tribute to hide-]. According to defspiral who have released this item with many feelings attached, together with the bands who'll shoulder the next generation, unfolding here before the audience gathered in large numbers today, the happiness they wanted to convey was enormous. Together with the audience dancing with rapture, their hearts became one with everyone present, creating a state of unity. Since the next day would also be the beginning of spring, as a final act the members on the stage told the spectators "May good fortune come to you!" while scattering beans, wrapping everything up with this absolutely amazing finale*.

*Scattering beans is a traditional act to rid the house of demons before Spring, meanwhile bringing in good fortune. 

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